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Who are we ?

We briefly introduce you who we are and what our mission is. Who created this brand and what is our goal.

Who are we? ?

The team of SoftProNeo is part of the company "Trakia Energy-75" EOOD. The company has more than 11 annual experience in the field of consulting services.

Our mission

Our mission is to help all of you, who need our services. We do this in a unique and interactive way, so that we can be useful immediately.

Our activity

The team of SoftProNeo is purposeful and comprehensive in various types of services in the IT sector. Our activity is related to the implementation of various innovations and the development of various creative projects in the IT sector.

Our history

The team of SoftProNeo was created for development purposes, management and implementation of various IT projects in the industry, economy and others.The creation of this team was before 4 years with the development of a platform based on blockchain technology. Over the years, the team has gained a lot of experience in developing various projects in the IT sector. Now as in the beginning, we all have a clear goal and it is to help our customers in the fastest and most efficient way, to make their ideas a reality.

For the founder

"I believe, that artificial intelligence will change us "

P. Pavlov

Pavel Pavlov is the founder of SoftProNeo. He is a young man who always sets high goals for realization in the IT sector. Over the years he has participated in many competitions, competitions and conferences related to the IT sector.

Pavel Pavlov has more than 5 years of experience in the field of programming.

The founder of SoftProNeo is one of the winners Top SEO in the youth section.

At the moment, his vision is closely related to the development of artificial intelligence, nano robotics and the implementation of blockchain technology in various systems. Many platforms have been developed, built many sites and various mobile applications. Actively works on optimization and builds various innovative methods for search engine optimization.

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Why choose us ?

SPN is characterized by this, that we work out the tasks assigned to us in a short time and guarantee effective results.

Our team is composed of very good cyber specialists and gives you a full guarantee for your tasks assigned to us., that they will be very well protected.

What we make and maintain is understood by that, that it works with ease and is something very different and good than the previous ones on the market.

Everything we do is fully accessible from all devices and sources. We give you a unique extensibility and accessibility.

SPN gives you a big boost and popularity of your stuff, because our team is closely specialized in optimizing the things we create.

Everything we do or is done by us, it is simply apparent at first glance. Everything created by us is very different and innovative.

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