AI and people

Is all this doom? ? One of the ingenious inventions of our century is artificial intelligence. Thanks to him many features today, which we perform in the virtual world are automated. Artificial intelligence is nothing more than program code, but in fact he is the one, which remembers, assess and apply various actions, to improve our user experience.

In fact, artificial intelligence is so much better, that even plays different games against people. Artificial intelligence is so ingrained everywhere, that various unique phenomena even began to occur, such as inventing your own language.

This happened with the fictional language, when two Facebook robots working at their core with artificial intelligence, began to exchange a number of algorithms and combine them. So the option for automatic translation on Facebook , began to produce inhuman and illogical results. The fact is interesting, that artificial intelligence was developed in the last century, and is actively applied today. Many argue, that with Artificial Intelligence (II) the end of this humanity will come.

,, AI will make the job pointless “

Elon Musk

Artificial killer intelligence and the new era of machines.

Author: Driven Warfare

Currently, the development of artificial intelligence worldwide is one of the most innovative and widespread things
Millions of software companies are pouring billions into the development of this technology. All forecasts point to this, that AI will be the right hand of man. But there comes a moment in, which many people among them and some very famous and prominent such as Elon Musk claim, that artificial intelligence is our end. There are no amazing things. As in its infancy, AI was released as a military development, so now it can be improved , as a military development, but with bad actions. The fact is that AI invented its own language, but similarly he can go against his creator.

All this is possible, but humans are not yet up to such a technology boom. What we mean is we have not grown up ? We know very well, that an AI robot is a multiplied human brain in program code. People still have a lot to learn and rediscover, until they make it so wide and big, that no one can command it, and to begin to command himself. Artificial intelligence is yet to be improved. The answer to our question at the beginning: Is all this doom? ? – In our opinion, it is a doom for people's intellect, and not so much for artificial intelligence. SofProNeo as a software company is also involved in the development of AI. You can see one of our projects, which work with the help of artificial intelligence:


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