The future with Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology, which was developed in the last century. In the beginning, the development of Blockchain technology was just a formula for calculating mathematical problems. Later, Blockchain began to arouse interest in scientists, especially physicists, as they decide to apply it in physics, already as a block-based technology. Things suddenly stop and this technology, for one reason or another it is forgotten. Close 60 years later, she returns again, but this time it has been refined and improved. Blockchain has made a splash in recent times 5 years, along with the growth of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is no longer a mathematical formula, and the whole technology, which creates cryptocurrencies, and not just for cryptocurrencies, but also for different projects, which develop on a block basis. This time after 60 annual stagnation, blockchain is a successful project, which is increasingly entering our way of life.

Currently, for a large part of the population, blockchain is a type of technology, which creates virtual money and then they are converted into real. Also, for many of us, blockchain is that thing, which is a set of blocks and we have to dig it, to reach more and more cryptocurrencies.

At this point, the blockchain is presented to the public , that this is almost a technology, which does not exist. We can talk about a more adequate idea, then when society touches on the real usability of blockchain technology.

It's a blockchain technology that can radically change the world with its protection and transparency. The fact is already, that each Blockchain transaction is performed with smart contract between the two parties. So there are no opaque things and they have trust.

The future of blockchain technology is very diverse, because a lot of software companies around the world have started working with blockchain, as a tool for developing various platforms and software applications.

Banking institutions have begun to recognize blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, as something useful, not fraud. In fact, there is a lot of speculation about it, that blockchain is a lie and a scam. On the contrary, a blockchain is a chain of many blocks, which form a large block. When a person starts digging these blocks, he unfolds them by a mathematical algorithm and accordingly earns some sum. Each deployed block is reloaded and expected to be excavated. In blockchain transactions, one can talk about good security about this, that the transaction itself does not have a block name,as well as the value of the block, all this is protected and encrypted.

Although everything said so far, speculation and lies about blockchain technology continue, That is why we at SoftProNeo strive for complete protection and transparency with our Supplyra project, which is based on blockchain technology and provides complete protection when transmitting data, and the problem with the regulations in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies we have set in another of our TransAI projects.

Come in and see our projects, become our investor or partner. We are ready to work together !


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