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What are our projects

Our projects are mainly in the field of information technology based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, as for some of these projects we are looking for suitable investors and partners, who together with us to realize our projects. Part of our projects, which are aimed at investors are:

Supplyra & Supplyra Lab

Supplyra is a new creative object-oriented program that works with the help of Blockchain technology. Supplyra is closely specialized in 3 main directions: for everyday life, for industry and for governments. With Supplyra, the flow of data and information is extremely secure and impenetrable, and transparency is complete and accessible. Supplyra Lab is part of the Supplyra project and is characterized by it, that it is built with frame technology and can be implemented in any program, application and others. Supplyra Lab is also intended as an add-on to some programming languages.


Edith Re is a special text editor of the IDE type designed primarily for programmers and people, dealing with programming. This editor helps the programmer to complete his task faster thanks to artificial intelligence, which is integrated in the editor. The artificial intelligence in a program helps every programmer, by partially editing program code or correcting broken connections in the program itself. Edit Re is a two-module program, which except, that corrects the code, corrects and displays errors in graphical form. Edit Re will be designed as a program to write over 100 programming language and their editing. Edit Re will be designed for desktop application, mobile application and web application.


Cyberalt is software for the industry. The principle of operation is very simple and can be combined with any controller of different machines and robots. Cyberalt can be integrated as startup software on older machines or installed as a program on the machine, if running an operating system. Cyberalt easily connects to everything thanks to its artificial intelligence and easily eliminates any mistakes. Cyberalt has an artificial intelligence algorithm. Artificial intelligence eliminates and corrects mistakes by choosing the most correct way of correction. Cyberalt also has a mobile application, which warns you, if errors have occurred. Through the mobile application, each director of a factory can control its machines from its phone.


TransAI is software, which explores the entire blockchain world. We know, that there are many big problems in the world of blockchain, the first being the opacity of the technology itself. The technology has been unknown since its inception and almost everything is a black box. TransAI helps make this opacity transparent with its artificial intelligence. With TransAI all countries, all governments, all associations and organizations, some companies, can do and impose various rules and regulations in blockchain technology. This project mainly helps traders to build mutual trust between them, through full transparency of actions. Each user will have an internal API, which will give them full visibility and accountability.

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