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Website development

We at SPN have many years of experience in creating websites. We design our websites in two ways: static or dynamic websites. Sites that we create are in the following categories: business website, landing page, advertising campaign, presentation of an event and many others. The website is your electronic business card, through which you will reach everyone.

SEO optimization

We optimize sites like this, that they generate, t.nar. organic traffic (permanent). We can optimize your site for global or local keywords. No site, which is simply made, to exist, rather than generating traffic. That is why SEO optimization comes to our aid, and then your future sales or deals.

Construction of platforms

We at SPN have many years of experience in building platforms. The platform is a complex structure of a website, which performs multiple functions per second. We make all kinds ( such as ERP, CRM, HRM et al.) platforms at the request of our customers. We need to know what you want and we will make your dreams come true.

Production of electricity. score

Our goal for customers is to make a really attractive online store and it seems that it is not just virtual, and real. We make great designs for our online stores, so that customers can, when they visit it to make it easy and convenient for them to shop. We also implement ERP in online stores.

Software development

We at SPN can develop an application program for your assignment / software product /. Except in software product development, we can assist you in building and implementing products, which are based on blockchain technology. We have been developing artificial intelligence software products for several years.

Digital advertising

We at SPN have many years of experience in digital advertising. We have a department of specialists, who are ready to promote anything with the help of social networks. Your stuff reaches thousands, and sometimes even up to millions of people around the world and so they recognize you very easily. Social networks are a powerful weapon, which can help your business.

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