Thrace Energy -75 Ltd. is a business site built by the team of SoftProNeo and the characteristic of this site is that it is very well optimized in terms of loading speed and amount of data.. A modernly based blog was built for this site, in which information about the company's activity is constantly published, as well as to the activity of the company, an HRM platform and a web-based application for reporting the activities were made.

The company's website is aimed entirely at users, who want to be consulted in different sectors and through different online applications and platforms achieve maximum results in carrying out the activity. In the web-based platform, the company reports its activities to its customers on a daily basis and so easily, and with one click from their mobile phone, the clients reach the current realization of their projects.

Constant large-scale optimization of the website and platforms of Trakia Energy-75 EOOD is performed, as well as digital advertising on social networks.